What is European Brain Employers?

European Brain Employers is an international network of experts in the field of employees with AD(H)D, dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism and giftedness. As ambassador they visit employers to talk to them about their employees with special brains. Especially to point out ways for employers to enhance their management of this part (±10%) of their human capital and to make proper use and profit from the brains of these skillful employees.

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Thanks to European grants the ambassadors are trained in informing employers and guiding them to the road that gets the most out of their brain capital. Aiming on awareness they can help you as an employer to not keep on wondering about handicaps and disorders, but to move on to the next level of using their way of thinking, their innovative power and all other special qualities, that are present in this 10% of your employees. Employability like in “The right person at the right working place” is what the ambassadors aim for and can help you with. Of course they also offer you information about the difficulties and challenges these employees meet and with them you as an employer.

What do the ambassadors offer employers?

Ambassadors of European Brain Employers visit HRM-officers and company/occupational doctors.

In one or two informal conversations (free of charge) they make an inventory of challenges the employer organization has to deal with and successes that have been accomplished and might be a model of good practice for other employers. On the problems (challenges) you will want to share, the ambassador will give you advice on-the-spot or if necessary after a consultation of their colleague- experts.

After these sessions you will be more aware of the quantity and qualities of the different subgroups among your personnel. You will have new ideas for policy and practice. Communication and attitude of both employee and employer will be influenced positively. And if you desire this, the ambassador may inform you about which networks of experts can help you move to the next level.

How to become a European Brain Employer?

In 2016 the first European Brain Employer will be elected by the Dutch associations for people with dyslexia/dyscalculia, AD(H)D, giftedness and autism. Being a European Brain Employer means that you are aware of the presence of special brains amongst your personnel and are able to detect and handle the problems manager and employee meet every day, and that you are able to implement ‘turn around management’ from handicaps into qualities of people.


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