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The Historical Underpinnings of Neurodiversity: Part II

Cortical Chauvinism

The following paragraphs were written for an editorial published by the Siberian Journal of Special Education in the early part of 2016. I asked the editor of the journal, Elena Chereneva, permission to reproduce the same in my blog. For those who want to read the original article, the same can be found at Researchgate ( In part, my intent in writing the editorial was to give a broader perspective on the history of Neurodiversity than the one often cited in the literature (see for example the account offered by Silberman in his well-publicized account in Neurotribes). In addition, I found that Silberman’s view on Leo Kanner was extremely biased and I was hoping to correct the reader’s perception of this great man. Given the length of the editorial I have divided its content into 2 blogs. The first part was published a couple of weeks ago (

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